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About Us

The concept of Flyin' Saucers Clothing Co. originated back in 2005.  As a skateboarding fanatic, Mike Peters aspired to create his own skate clothing company.  He would customize his sneakers with sharpie images of aliens and UFO's as well as pants and shirts.  As time and limited resources went on, he lost that passion and instead became a lame adult.  

After 18 years, and trending boredom in a global shutdown, Mike went through old boxes of notebooks and found this original design: 

After some graphic designing, Mike created, registered and trademarked the new updated logo.


With this image came the follow through of a dream.  One step, one person, one connection at a time. 

Flyin' Saucers Clothing Co. is all about uniting communities under the idea that we are all here for the same purpose.  To be happy!

We are all human. (Well... most of us...)

We are all unique, weird, bizarre, and wonderful!

Here at FSCC we are all about networking, connections and building this brand into a recognized image of Unity!

Thank you for visiting our site, and stay weird!